Back in the Saddle for Love146

Alright, It has been a while, I know, but I am feeling better and ready to run again. Today I ran a very long and hot 5 miles. It is hard to keep it up, especially since I have not been feeling well lately. Once again, every little girl and boy reduced to a number, like 146, are keeping me going. Even if the pace is laughable, which it is at times. If you aren't familiar with Love146, it is an organization dedicated to the abolition of sex slavery and trade, not only abroad, but locally in Orange County, LA, and San Diego. I am pushing myself in spite of my bad knees for the fundraiser they are hosting called Tread on Trafficking. If you would like to sponsor me per mile or make a one time donation, please send me an email at mrsnunez1120@gmail.com or message me on facebook for more info.

Having this cause on my mind reminds me to be thankful for the life I have been given. Everyday is a day I am free. Free to sleep, to wake up, to eat, and to rest. To run and to read. To work and to write. Its another day I get to love my husband and be loved by him in return. Another day I can see my beautiful nieces and hug my mom. With a long list of things to be thankful for it is a wonder why I ever complain. So, I would like to remind you and myself to consider what you have before you dwell on what you dont. Consider the children who don't have the barest luxuries. Sleep, rest, childhood, freedom. Be thankful.

Until the next few miles.....



A Woman and her Dog

Ok, I realize the general talk about a man's best friend doesn't always apply to women, but get to know my sweet American Bulldog and you might change your mind. Today I continued my efforts in Love 146's fundraiser Tread on Trafficking to stop sex slavery and human trafficking. I had the pleasurable company of my baby, Bentley. Today we ran 2 miles, and while that may not seem like much, the 5 miles still on my legs made it feel like 10! In order to fully grasp the lesson I learned from my dog today, you should probably get to know him.

Bentley is an adorably sweet 1 1/2 year old American Bulldog known for sporadic energetic outbursts (aka not known for his endurance per se). I took him running before this amazing fundraiser and we got a little scare. Only about seven minutes in, Bentley got scared by a jogging stroller. Once the stroller passed, I got ready to go again and he didn't want to move. Now Bentley is not little, weighing in at about 70+lbs. All of a sudden, all 70 lbs of him starts to fall over, so I catch him. He falls to the other side and I catch him again. I am worried he can't take the running so I walk him back to the truck. My husband assures me he is just feeling a little sick and sure enough he runs twice as far with my husband just a few days ago. So, today I was confident, but still concerned.

I decide today will be a short run. What with 5 miles of soreness on my legs and the possibility of Bentley fainting halfway through. I keep a close eye on him throughout the first mile. I tell him, "good boy, Bentley" and "we're almost there, Bubba (his nickname from mommy <3). Once we turn around for the last mile, I tell him something encouraging almost every 2 minutes, as if he is considering fainting, but my words keep him going. Every time he looks up, I feel like he is looking for another encouragement so I answer with another "good job, Bentley" or "almost there love". About a half mile from the truck I realize, he isn't looking up for encouragement, he is looking up because I am slowing down. At that moment I realized, he wasn't going to stop. He is not thinking in his head when it is going to be over. He intends to run as long as I do. I am the one waiting for the ending. I am the one who needed to hear "good job, you're almost there" or "we're almost done". Then of course, I think of those girls. See, in my small efforts to make a difference, there is an end to every run. Every time I start, I know that a time and place will come when I can stop. The end is wherever I make it. Those girls have no such luxury. There is no promised end, no promised relief to their suffering. They must go on with the possibility that it will never end.

As it turns out, my Bentley is quite the running partner, and maybe our miles can make a difference. Even a small one. Because any amount of relief or hope of an end is a place to start.


Day 1

My attempts to put my foot down to end child sex trafficking have seen and waved goodbye to the first day. One day and 5 miles into my commitment to do whatever I can to help Love 146 give those girls something to hope for. I was fortunate enough to have my husband (and our dog!) support me by lacing up his running shoes also. I am so blessed to have a man I can count on to stand by me, or run with me, in this case.

Those first 5 miles were easy considering I have not run that distance in over a year. Throughout those 5 miles, I pushed myself with thoughts of those girls. How do they make it through each day? If they still have hope, what do they hope for? Escape? A day of rest? An end to their young lives? I will not even begin to assume I can even come close to understanding their pain or how they think. At this point, I want to run for them. If they can open their eyes each morning and somehow survive through the days and nights, I can keep putting one foot in front of the other.

If you would like to help, pull out your running shoes and register as a treader at Love146.org, or let me run for you and make a donation for each mile completed. Message me or email me at mrsnunez1120@gmail.com to make a commitment per mile run in the next 37 days. Thank you for your support in loving these girls.
Keep up with me here or on my donation page at http://Love146.kintera.org/tread/cnunez.



Making a Difference

So, I recently attended an amazing Women's Retreat with Covenant Grace and Rancho Community Church. I was really blessed to be brought into this environment of beautiful, encouraging women who love the Lord! During one of the sessions, we learned about making a difference, and how each and every one of us has the ability to do so. The world might tell us we can't, but God tells us we can. He has given us all our own special gift to make a difference and bring him glory. I doubted whether or not I as one person could really make a difference and God wasted no time correcting me

There is an organization called Love 146, which is dedicated to stopping child sex trafficking abroad and here in California. Many of these girls are only 7 years old. While I heard about this organization months ago, I did not feel I could make a difference. God reminded me I could just yesterday. They are hosting a fundraiser called Tread on Trafficking. It is an 8 week, global fundraiser that dedicates 100% of the proceeds to Love 146's mission. The fundraiser is already 4 weeks in, but God wouldn't accept another excuse from me so I registered any ways. I have set a goal to reach in the last half, but I need your help. If you feel compelled to support the cause, sponsor me in my efforts by donating any amount per mile I run over the next 39 days, or you can donate any one time amount.

I encourage you to check out Love 146 at their website Love146.org. I will be blogging about my progress and you can follow my miles and make donations at any time here at http://Love146.kintera.org/tread/cnunez

Spread the word and help me put my foot down to end trafficking!!!



I love my Husband

The sky did love the bird so
she cradled him in her arms of blue
and carried him off, devoted she was
to destinations he did choose
The wave did love the moon so
commited, she would roll and fold
by the burn of his absence
and rise of his light
and return with faith repeated
as told, unfailing, day and night
The sun did love the earth so
she climbed great heights, passion aflame
and held herself in the highest of highs
where her blanket of warmth brought
colors to life in oceans of green
The cloud did love the river so
she opened above and emptied her soul
so the rain should fill the river's banks
and fulfilled, the river continued to flow
As rivers do flow from the giving of clouds
and faithful waves fold for the moon
the sun climbs to her height
to blanket the earth
and skies help the birds to sore
As faithful as these loves may seem
I'll always love you more



I am a self-proclaimed planner. I like to make plans, break plans, and most of all, write them out in ridiculous detail. Granted, I change my own plans incessantly, but the process itself is fun. It's like writing the next chapter (or ten chapters) in the book of your life. It's all about possibilities. Unlike some planners, I get really excited when my plans change. It's like a big eraser and suddenly a blank canvas. What is more exciting than a blank canvas?! Plus, plans change for all kinds of reasons out of our control, so in the spirit of optimism, let's just move forward.

As much as I love to make plans, it is important to keep in mind that my plans are not THE plans. That ability is left to the only one who should be and could be trusted with it: God. All I have to say, is thank goodness He is ever so gracious about letting my plans down easily :) Sometimes, I think my plans were so perfect that it must be His plan, too! But, as I have said in previous posts, we can't do it alone. Part of the reason being that we don't always know what we need, or even what we want. So, while I will still makes plans, I thankfully accept the fact that they are subject to change. And for great, great reason.



I know. It has been a long time, and I am sorry. Truly, truly sorry, but for argument's sake, none of you are really paying attention. :) Ok, now that I have apologized it's time for some inspiration! Inspiration is the food of purpose! I have been contemplating this idea for a few days. I have considered what keeps me inspired and how that inspiration affects me as a person. Inspiration for me usually leads to goals. Big goals, little goals, goals I don't always reach. Sometimes, just often enough, I set a big monster goal and when I reach it....it's oh so sweet! There is no better feeling! Monster goals require you to push your limits! Push your mind, push your body!! Monster goals are not about time. They last years, weeks, minutes, or seconds. The point is, they are challenging. They require you to show some commitment, some guts, and some drive!! Consider me a goal junkie. There are increasingly addicting steps to becoming a goal junkie, I would recommend it.

Step 1: Find something you care about (inspiration!). Something that you would look at and say, "yes, that would make me proud". If you are gonna reach this goal, you have to care enough to put in the sweat!

Step 2: Make a plan. Resources are endless! Ok so the Enlightenment and progress wasn't all we thought it was cracked up to be, but some progress has its benefits. Like the internet. Get on the computer and Google your inspiration!! Chances are, you arent the only one.

Step 3: Do it. Like Nike says. Just do it. Push through, make it one step at a time, and don't lose your inspiration!

Step 4: Enjoy the self-esteem-boosting, confidence-pumping, purpose-filled SUCCESS! Woot woot.

Ok so this feeling was more than enough for me. Addicted. I have some monster goals already. My monster goal of my bachelor's degree is currently in progress, coming up on the finale of step 4 (hopefully). Time for a new one....drum role please....


Yes I did. I will be embarking on a step 2, 19-week program to success (thanks to marathonrookie.com). I promise to update often (unless I don't, then I am sorry, but it will be time-consuming!) Everything about this goal is perfect for me. Mentally, physically, challenging with a big finish! I am taking it one step at a time, and will need the support of my follower(s). Number one, Hubby. Baby, I need you on this one. I can't do it without your support :) Everyone else, your support is greatly appreciated....and will be needed in the weeks of endless running!

Until next time


Dressing Room

He hung there
His threads and seams
beaming with potential
Sewn in idealistic Joy
From memories unknown
Hands to hands
Drawers to racks
His shoulders stressed in wires
Traveling nowhere anywhere
Full in hues and hope
She plucked him up
On momentary whims
Figured she would try him on
To see how he would fit
She slipped him on
Too easily
And lacking Satisfaction
She pulled
And tugged
And stretched
And turned
And wore his colors out
She discarded him
Bored of tired threads
With faded colors and broken seams
He missed anonymous hands
Who never tried him on enough
To break down hopeful threads


Birds of a feather

Ok, so we all know this saying. We heard it from our concerned parent in middle school when we started hanging out with girls who wore too much makeup and boys who liked girls with too much makeup. Whether or not you were an amiable kid, it probably went in one ear and out the other. In the short years of my adult life, that (and many other things my parents said) are starting to ring true. Don't get all worked up, sometimes parents are just right. The people you surround yourself with bring out the qualities in you that are strongest in them. This weekend I had a chance to spend some time with great people who brought out a side of me I haven't seen in a while. It's times like these when I realize who is keeping me accountable in the things that are most important to me. When you find those people, it is so rewarding and fun to just be around each other!! Another bonus, my loving husband feels the same way. It is so empowering to surround ourselves with good influences for our marriage and faith! I am feeling incredibly invincible and alive at his side! I thank God for the man He's created for me. Our Father knows us best and I have found myself more than satisfied in what he's provided me.

I am feeling inspired after a promising first week of this year!


New words....

2011. Another 365 days and a clear view into the next round. Its been a life changing 12 months and I wouldn't have it any other way. I made some major decisions and some small decisions that had major impacts. I made some mistakes and took some risks. At the end of the proverbial day, I found the love of my life (still not sure how I got so lucky) and the clearest map to where I am headed next. As everything does, this year has brought me back to God and all His Grace. Let's face it, we are hardly capable of making it on our own and each day we walk without him is one shadowed in darkness. But enough of the darkness. Flipping that switch towards Him is a beautiful thing, but it's just the beginning! Giving all your heart to something, every day is not easy, but He requires and deserves nothing less. The Plan: dive in head first, with a little help from a group of beautiful women, into a walk through the Gospel of John at the hands of Beth Moore. The Goal: fill my spirit with the goodness of the Lord in hopes of developing a deep relationship that brings Him Glory! Oh, so exciting! It's amazing how one night in his Word makes the morning look like a work of art. Today is a blessing!

On another note, to avoid treating this year like just another lap on the course of life (cheesy, I know), you can rest assured that this year brings new words! As always, words have their limits and restrictions, but it's the attempt to mold them into adequate representations of life that surface the most beautiful art! Every attempt doesn't end up being much, but sometimes you'll get a thought or two across that lights a fire! So in the spirit of new words and new voices...bring on the New Year!

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice."
T.S. Eliot