I love my Husband

The sky did love the bird so
she cradled him in her arms of blue
and carried him off, devoted she was
to destinations he did choose
The wave did love the moon so
commited, she would roll and fold
by the burn of his absence
and rise of his light
and return with faith repeated
as told, unfailing, day and night
The sun did love the earth so
she climbed great heights, passion aflame
and held herself in the highest of highs
where her blanket of warmth brought
colors to life in oceans of green
The cloud did love the river so
she opened above and emptied her soul
so the rain should fill the river's banks
and fulfilled, the river continued to flow
As rivers do flow from the giving of clouds
and faithful waves fold for the moon
the sun climbs to her height
to blanket the earth
and skies help the birds to sore
As faithful as these loves may seem
I'll always love you more