Back in the Saddle for Love146

Alright, It has been a while, I know, but I am feeling better and ready to run again. Today I ran a very long and hot 5 miles. It is hard to keep it up, especially since I have not been feeling well lately. Once again, every little girl and boy reduced to a number, like 146, are keeping me going. Even if the pace is laughable, which it is at times. If you aren't familiar with Love146, it is an organization dedicated to the abolition of sex slavery and trade, not only abroad, but locally in Orange County, LA, and San Diego. I am pushing myself in spite of my bad knees for the fundraiser they are hosting called Tread on Trafficking. If you would like to sponsor me per mile or make a one time donation, please send me an email at mrsnunez1120@gmail.com or message me on facebook for more info.

Having this cause on my mind reminds me to be thankful for the life I have been given. Everyday is a day I am free. Free to sleep, to wake up, to eat, and to rest. To run and to read. To work and to write. Its another day I get to love my husband and be loved by him in return. Another day I can see my beautiful nieces and hug my mom. With a long list of things to be thankful for it is a wonder why I ever complain. So, I would like to remind you and myself to consider what you have before you dwell on what you dont. Consider the children who don't have the barest luxuries. Sleep, rest, childhood, freedom. Be thankful.

Until the next few miles.....