Day 1

My attempts to put my foot down to end child sex trafficking have seen and waved goodbye to the first day. One day and 5 miles into my commitment to do whatever I can to help Love 146 give those girls something to hope for. I was fortunate enough to have my husband (and our dog!) support me by lacing up his running shoes also. I am so blessed to have a man I can count on to stand by me, or run with me, in this case.

Those first 5 miles were easy considering I have not run that distance in over a year. Throughout those 5 miles, I pushed myself with thoughts of those girls. How do they make it through each day? If they still have hope, what do they hope for? Escape? A day of rest? An end to their young lives? I will not even begin to assume I can even come close to understanding their pain or how they think. At this point, I want to run for them. If they can open their eyes each morning and somehow survive through the days and nights, I can keep putting one foot in front of the other.

If you would like to help, pull out your running shoes and register as a treader at Love146.org, or let me run for you and make a donation for each mile completed. Message me or email me at mrsnunez1120@gmail.com to make a commitment per mile run in the next 37 days. Thank you for your support in loving these girls.
Keep up with me here or on my donation page at http://Love146.kintera.org/tread/cnunez.