I know. It has been a long time, and I am sorry. Truly, truly sorry, but for argument's sake, none of you are really paying attention. :) Ok, now that I have apologized it's time for some inspiration! Inspiration is the food of purpose! I have been contemplating this idea for a few days. I have considered what keeps me inspired and how that inspiration affects me as a person. Inspiration for me usually leads to goals. Big goals, little goals, goals I don't always reach. Sometimes, just often enough, I set a big monster goal and when I reach it....it's oh so sweet! There is no better feeling! Monster goals require you to push your limits! Push your mind, push your body!! Monster goals are not about time. They last years, weeks, minutes, or seconds. The point is, they are challenging. They require you to show some commitment, some guts, and some drive!! Consider me a goal junkie. There are increasingly addicting steps to becoming a goal junkie, I would recommend it.

Step 1: Find something you care about (inspiration!). Something that you would look at and say, "yes, that would make me proud". If you are gonna reach this goal, you have to care enough to put in the sweat!

Step 2: Make a plan. Resources are endless! Ok so the Enlightenment and progress wasn't all we thought it was cracked up to be, but some progress has its benefits. Like the internet. Get on the computer and Google your inspiration!! Chances are, you arent the only one.

Step 3: Do it. Like Nike says. Just do it. Push through, make it one step at a time, and don't lose your inspiration!

Step 4: Enjoy the self-esteem-boosting, confidence-pumping, purpose-filled SUCCESS! Woot woot.

Ok so this feeling was more than enough for me. Addicted. I have some monster goals already. My monster goal of my bachelor's degree is currently in progress, coming up on the finale of step 4 (hopefully). Time for a new one....drum role please....


Yes I did. I will be embarking on a step 2, 19-week program to success (thanks to marathonrookie.com). I promise to update often (unless I don't, then I am sorry, but it will be time-consuming!) Everything about this goal is perfect for me. Mentally, physically, challenging with a big finish! I am taking it one step at a time, and will need the support of my follower(s). Number one, Hubby. Baby, I need you on this one. I can't do it without your support :) Everyone else, your support is greatly appreciated....and will be needed in the weeks of endless running!

Until next time