I am a self-proclaimed planner. I like to make plans, break plans, and most of all, write them out in ridiculous detail. Granted, I change my own plans incessantly, but the process itself is fun. It's like writing the next chapter (or ten chapters) in the book of your life. It's all about possibilities. Unlike some planners, I get really excited when my plans change. It's like a big eraser and suddenly a blank canvas. What is more exciting than a blank canvas?! Plus, plans change for all kinds of reasons out of our control, so in the spirit of optimism, let's just move forward.

As much as I love to make plans, it is important to keep in mind that my plans are not THE plans. That ability is left to the only one who should be and could be trusted with it: God. All I have to say, is thank goodness He is ever so gracious about letting my plans down easily :) Sometimes, I think my plans were so perfect that it must be His plan, too! But, as I have said in previous posts, we can't do it alone. Part of the reason being that we don't always know what we need, or even what we want. So, while I will still makes plans, I thankfully accept the fact that they are subject to change. And for great, great reason.